Thursday, 11 December 2008

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Thursday, 4 September 2008

Life-saving ARV's & the Survival of Humanity

Like a demon, HIV can do anything from break your bones, to give diabolical birth to an even worse offspring if two miscreants who are already possessed by it should indulge in an act of love, as man & wife. Retroviruses are supposed to be very simple organisms, even mechanisms, some say, like a coiled spring, no more - but not the retrovirus HIV. This invisible little devil thinks of the cruellest & most perverse ways to destroy its host, & never ceases to come up with novel avenues of attack.

Fortunately, we have the Sterilized (Sinless) Men in White Coats (& those who pay them) to give us the sacrament we so need & crave: Life-saving antiretrovirals (LSARV's). Were it not for LSARV's, there would be a few hundred, a few thousand at most, humans left on the planet. Only these brave men & their medicaments stand between us & oblivion.

Those who question the Good fight we are fighting against Evil are enemies of Humanity, & should be removed from our midst...

Now tell me, whither has gone scientific debate? When did truth become dogma, & disagreement cause to defame & lionize human thinkers? It is all religion: the grasping after salvation, the fear of the unseen, the faith in a priesthood. Religion is good, salvation is good: but only True religion, based on Right Understanding. If your belief is based on Principle, 2+2=4, then good, & follow you the thread; but if it is based on dogmas & assumptions, then watch out: the blind cannot lead the blind, they will both end up in a pit.

Monday, 1 September 2008

They were lying all along!

(With recognition to Fintan Dunne) Did you hear? Did you see it on CNN? Did you read about it in the Times? Did you see it splashed on front pages all over the world, have you heard the wildfire of outrage ripping thro the press? No...? Strange - because it's official: there never was, & never will be a heterosexual Aids epidemic in the West, or for that matter anywhere outside Africa. It was a lie all along, cooked up by porpagandists & fuelled by a gizillion-dollar industry!

Why? How? & how only in Africa? Turn to the crypto-racists to find out...

The wild frontier? What a joke!

I have subscribed to Google alerts for "Aids denialist" - it coughs up a few links a week. Despite the best efforts of the Aids industry, it's just such a tired story that most people in the online world just can't be bothered - except when earning Brownie points on a Sunday, or having a dinner-party rant.

Speaking of dinner-party rants & armchair Indiana Jones', one chappie that appeared on my Google alert list was a certain Ray Hartley, "Editor of the Times" in Johannesburg. My good fellow, where is this "wild frontier" you speak of? Is it at some gourmet restaurant in 4th Ave? Mr Hartley says in his blog that "healthy skepticism of conventional wisdom on Aids turned to denialism in the highest echelons". Sir, where & when did this "healthy skepticism" occur? All I remember was you & your ilk walking over every principle of scientific discourse, & slandering the numerous qualified & distinguished scientists without an objective & true account of the "debate" (there never was one) appearing in a rag like The Sunday Times.

Wild frontier indeed....

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Viva Mark Wainberg, Champion of the Dissident Cause

If websites could gather dust, then the sterile pages of would be buried in it. This is the Scientific Establishment's answer to the burgeoning, thriving, growing, buzzing international online Aids Dissident / Rethinker / Realist / Anarchist community. Like the papal bulls of bygone centuries, this collection of quasi-religious dogma lies shrouded in its digital, crypt-like sanctity.

It is in the very existence of this site that we
ironically find reflected the growing strength of the Dissident Movement, made possible by the uncensorable internet. If the Dissidents were really "discredited", "crackpots", "the loony fringe", as the public at large has thus far been led to believe, then what need is there to answer them at all, or bother oneself about them? Yet look at all the trouble the Establishment is going to: with Hamlet, we might remark, "The lady doth protest too much, methinks..."

It has always been a tenet of the Orthodoxy that the Dissidents are not to be engaged in open debate. This has always struck me as peculiar, as Science, with its perpetual subsuming of hypothesis into broader hypothesis, is all about debate - debate is its lifeblood! Yet at we find the imperious declaration renewed: "We will not engage in any public or private debate with Aids denialists, or respond to requests of journalists who overtly support Aids denialist causes".

Have we crossed some invisible line in space and time where a scientific hypothesis became above scrutiny? What is there now to distinguish the doctrine of Aids from the dear old doctrines of the church, with their dogmas and their a prioris? There is indeed something rotten in the State of Denmark, and an unpleasant odour is slowly oozing from valley to valley, to the farthest corners of the globe...

political decadence of the Aids establishment is manifest in the lack in its proponents of sufficient fibre to carry thro what they originally vowed to do: not to dignify the Dissidents with a response. Leading the avant garde in the ill-advised charge to wage pre-emptive war on the lunatic fringe, sabre drawn, is prominent Canadian Aids bigwig Mark Wainberg. Mr Wainberg has famously and repeatedly called for the jailing of Dissidents, and the censoring of their ideas. Unwittingly, he is doing the once monolithic, irreproachable, unassailable edifice of Aids Authority he wishes to defend, immeasurable harm. He is shaming the very name of Science. Had he been a priest, we might understand his calls to confine the heretics in dank cells, and silence their voices; yet he is supposedly a man of science, a man who worships empirical Truth - Truth which is unassailable, which no number of lies can ever overwhelm. 2 + 2 = 4 will always be true, whatever you may say to the contrary. But the emotion, the frenzy, the sheer vituperation smack of something more, something altogether different, in the motives of Wainberg and the others like him.

In his overly-shrill rantings, Mr Wainberg is bringing attention to the Dissident case by his very denial of it - he is feeding the very fire that he so evidently fears will engulf him. It is not hard to understand - after all the years of sated opulence, of high position, of unparalleled prestige, of being hailed as a Crusader, a Seer, how utterly, hideously unthinkable that it may come to light that your reputation is based on nought, and your good works have been nothing but a blight on humanity. To be hauled before a once-worshipping public as a greater charlatan - or rather a greater fool, because you apparently believed it all yourself - than the worst snake-oil salesman that ever lived, this must be the theme of the secret, Freudian nightmares from which you wake up
sweating at night.

Let the Dissidents then toast the good health of Mr Wainberg, and hope that his vigour and his drive in his crusade will not fail: he is giving a most welcome helping hand to those very ones he so avowedly wishes to crush.