Thursday, 4 September 2008

Life-saving ARV's & the Survival of Humanity

Like a demon, HIV can do anything from break your bones, to give diabolical birth to an even worse offspring if two miscreants who are already possessed by it should indulge in an act of love, as man & wife. Retroviruses are supposed to be very simple organisms, even mechanisms, some say, like a coiled spring, no more - but not the retrovirus HIV. This invisible little devil thinks of the cruellest & most perverse ways to destroy its host, & never ceases to come up with novel avenues of attack.

Fortunately, we have the Sterilized (Sinless) Men in White Coats (& those who pay them) to give us the sacrament we so need & crave: Life-saving antiretrovirals (LSARV's). Were it not for LSARV's, there would be a few hundred, a few thousand at most, humans left on the planet. Only these brave men & their medicaments stand between us & oblivion.

Those who question the Good fight we are fighting against Evil are enemies of Humanity, & should be removed from our midst...

Now tell me, whither has gone scientific debate? When did truth become dogma, & disagreement cause to defame & lionize human thinkers? It is all religion: the grasping after salvation, the fear of the unseen, the faith in a priesthood. Religion is good, salvation is good: but only True religion, based on Right Understanding. If your belief is based on Principle, 2+2=4, then good, & follow you the thread; but if it is based on dogmas & assumptions, then watch out: the blind cannot lead the blind, they will both end up in a pit.

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Jay said...

Like the Inquisition that "found" heretics & witches in every town they went to, which "proven" the need for the Inquisition, the Religion of Aids is a self-perpetuating myth, founded on embroiderings upon a superstition.