Monday, 1 September 2008

The wild frontier? What a joke!

I have subscribed to Google alerts for "Aids denialist" - it coughs up a few links a week. Despite the best efforts of the Aids industry, it's just such a tired story that most people in the online world just can't be bothered - except when earning Brownie points on a Sunday, or having a dinner-party rant.

Speaking of dinner-party rants & armchair Indiana Jones', one chappie that appeared on my Google alert list was a certain Ray Hartley, "Editor of the Times" in Johannesburg. My good fellow, where is this "wild frontier" you speak of? Is it at some gourmet restaurant in 4th Ave? Mr Hartley says in his blog that "healthy skepticism of conventional wisdom on Aids turned to denialism in the highest echelons". Sir, where & when did this "healthy skepticism" occur? All I remember was you & your ilk walking over every principle of scientific discourse, & slandering the numerous qualified & distinguished scientists without an objective & true account of the "debate" (there never was one) appearing in a rag like The Sunday Times.

Wild frontier indeed....

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